PNE Obtains Approvals for Three New Onshore Wind Farms


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PNE AG has made new strides in portfolio expansion.

A leading clean energy solutions provider, PNE has recently obtained approvals for three additional wind farms, totaling 59.6 megawatts, in compliance with the Federal Immission Control Act. Together with these new projects, PNE has already received approvals for a combined wind output of 127 MW this year. At present, the PNE Group’s generation portfolio has wind farms with a total capacity of 350 MW.

One of the approved projects is a wind farm located in Sundern-Allendorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, with a planned nominal output of 33 megawatts. This site will house five wind turbines. PNE Group also achieved success in northern Germany, as approval was granted for the Gnutz II wind farm in Schleswig-Holstein, boasting a capacity of 22.4 MW. This wind farm will feature four turbines. Another permit was also issued in Hesse for the construction of a 4.2 MW wind turbine at Großer Mittelberg.

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“We are very pleased that we have already received numerous permits with a total of 127 MW for new wind farms this year. The three new wind farms can supply around 36,000 households with clean energy,” said Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE. “We are thus coming closer to our strategic goal of expanding the own generation portfolio. By 2027, wind farms and photovoltaic plants of 1,500 MW/MWp are to be in the PNE Group’s own operation.”

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