KP Group Orders 47.60 MW of S133 Wind Turbines from Suzlon Energy Limited


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KPI Green Energy Limited has announced the placement of a substantial order for wind turbines from Suzlon Energy Limited, in accordance with Regulation 30 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015. The order, totaling 47.60 MW, includes 17 S133 model wind turbines, which will be supplied by Suzlon.

The KP Group, in collaboration with KPI Green Energy Limited, has awarded Suzlon the contract to provide 10 wind turbines, representing a capacity of 28 MW, for the Vagra site in Bharuch district. Additionally, K.P. Energy Limited has placed an order for the remaining 7 wind turbines of the same model. These projects fall under KPI Green Energy Limited’s Independent Power Producer (IPP) segment, focused on developing its own power generating assets and providing green energy to customers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. The Company plans to sell the power generated from these projects to Commercial and Industrial (C&I) clients for captive use.

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With this order, KPI Green Energy Limited’s IPP portfolio, which currently stands at 141 MW, will expand to 169 MW upon the completion of the 28 MW project. The company considers this order as a significant milestone in its mission to create a greener and more reliable energy landscape in the country.

The wind turbines supplied by Suzlon Energy Limited will play a vital role in increasing renewable energy generation and reducing carbon emissions. KPI Green Energy Limited’s commitment to expanding its green energy capacity highlights its dedication to sustainability and its contribution to the national objective of decarbonization.

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