VSB Poland Breaks Ground on Racibórz Wind Farm Construction


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VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska, a Polish subsidiary of the renowned VSB Group, has commenced the Racibórz wind farm construction. With an impressive 46.8 MW installed capacity, this wind farm is set to provide eco-friendly electricity to 40,000 households.

The Racibórz wind farm will station 13 state-of-the-art Nordex N117 turbines, each with a capacity of 3.6 MW, ensuring high efficiency. By harnessing the power of wind, this project aims to generate clean electricity and significantly reduce annual CO2 emissions by approximately 44,000 tonnes.

Construction preparations for the wind farm commenced in the second quarter, focusing on the development of roads, crane pads, and assembly areas, which are nearing completion. Simultaneously, construction is underway for the substation, cable routes, and turbine foundations. Slated completion by the end of 2024, the wind farm stands to become a significant renewable energy milestone.

“In the knowledge that fossil fuels are finite, new paths must be taken to create sustainable conditions for the economy, society and the environment,” said Marek Matkowski, construction project manager at VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska, the planning and construction company. “With this project, we are reaffirming our commitment to Poland’s energy transition and supporting the EU’s ambitious environmental goals: away from coal and towards clean,resource-efficient power generation.”

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