APDCL Is Seeking Bids For A Consultant-Assisted Detailed Project Report For Wind Power


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Assam Power Distribution Company Extends Invitation for Participation in Request for Proposal for Bidding and Selection Procedure for Consultant Engagement in Formulating Feasibility-Cum-Detailed Project Report Along with work of soil investigations, geotechnical survey, topography survey, contour Survey, hydrological study for development of MW generation wind power project at Khandong Dyke and its surrounding area within a radius of 60 KM located in Dima Hasao district, Assam.

The last date for bid submission is 5th September 2023.

The project’s scope of work is structured into two distinct components: Part – A and Part – B, each associated with estimated costs. Part A encompasses tasks such as the analysis of Wind Resource Assessment Data, conducting a site survey for the proposed location, and the subsequent submission of a feasibility report. The acceptance of this report by APDCL is also included in Part A. The estimated cost for Part A, excluding GST, is ₹8,00,000.

On the other hand, Part B involves a series of activities, starting with the completion of a GEO Technical Survey. Subsequently, tasks include the submission and approval of a draft Detailed Project Report (DPR), followed by the submission and acceptance of the final DPR by APDCL. Additionally, Part B includes the responsibility of preparing and submitting draft tender documents, which are then subject to APDCL’s acceptance. The estimated cost for Part B, excluding GST, is ₹25,90,00,000.

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