Statkraft Boosts Repowering Position with Second Acquisition of Breeze Series Wind Farm in France and Germany


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Statkraft, the largest renewable energy producer in Europe, has expanded its wind power portfolio with the acquisition of Breeze Two Energy in Germany and France. This acquisition boosts Statkraft’s repowering portfolio by 337 MW and includes 39 wind farms. The purchase price for the portfolio was NOK 4.7 billion. The acquisition is similar to the one completed in 2021.

Out of these assets, 35 are located in Germany, and the remaining are situated in France. The primary goal of the acquisition is to enhance the efficiency of these wind farms by eventually replacing their older turbines with newer, more efficient ones. This approach is in line with Statkraft’s commitment to sustainable growth in renewable energy,  which involves increasing capacity while reusing parts of the existing infrastructure.

This expansion is also in line with Statkraft’s overarching goal to accelerate its growth in wind, solar, and battery storage in established markets. The company aims to hit an annual development rate of 4 GW by 2030. The wind farms acquired in this deal are also located in highly windy areas. As these farms were constructed 15 to 21 years ago, advancements in turbine technology offer significant repowering opportunities for most of these sites.

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In Germany, the acquired wind power portfolio has 35 wind farms, totaling 165 turbines, with an installed capacity of 310 MW. This acquisition doubles Statkraft’s wind power capacity in the country, helping it join the club of the top ten largest wind power operators in Germany. In France, the wind power portfolio has four wind farms, featuring 20 turbines, and an installed capacity of 27 MW, almost doubling Statkraft’s wind power capacity in France.

Speaking about the development, Barbara Flesche, EVP Europe at Statkraft, said, “We’re excited by the opportunity to use our considerable experience to extend the lifetime of these wind farms. Replacing old turbines with new, more efficient ones can double the energy output of the sites, contributing to the energy transition in Europe.”

“Our experience delivering competitive operations and maintenance at scale makes Statkraft the right owner to facilitate the required lifetime extension and repowering and continue to generate renewable wind power from these sites,” she further added.

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