VSB Group Inaugurates 15-Year Anniversary in Poland with 42.6 MW Baranów-Rychtal Wind Farm


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VSB Group marks 15 years of successful endeavors in Poland and the formal inauguration of its latest venture, the 42.6 MW Baranów-Rychtal wind farm.

Having maintained a presence in Poland’s renewable energy sector for a decade and a half, VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska, the Polish arm of the VSB Group, has played a key role in promoting a sustainable energy landscape within Europe. The grand unveiling of the Baranów-Rychtal wind farm is a key component of these celebratory festivities. Boasting an impressive 42.6 MW installed capacity, the eleven wind turbines situated on the site generate an ample supply of green electricity, sufficient to power approximately 36,000 households annually.

Dr Felix Grolman, CEO of VSB Group, said, “For 15 years, we have been committed to helping Poland make the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable, clean and secure energy. The successful completion of the Baranów-Rychtal wind farm marks another milestone in our corporate history.”

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Hubert Kowalski, CEO of VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska, added, “For us, the past 15 years have been a journey of commitment, of learning and of growth.With every project we deliver, we reaffirm our commitment to a more sustainable future, and the Baranów-Rychtal wind farm is an excellent example of this. VSB’s continued success in the Polish market is a testament to our strength, our vision and the commitment of the entire team.”

VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska is establishing itself as a leader in the energy transition, driven by ongoing expansion efforts and a commitment to renewable energy. With its remarkable array of projects, the company is eagerly anticipating a sustainable energy future. One of its noteworthy projects includes the Racibórz wind farm, currently in active implementation, expected to generate an impressive 41.6 MW of power. This project is slated for commissioning by the close of 2024.

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