RWE and TenneT Sign Agreements for 800 MW OranjeWind Wind Farm (HKWVII) Connection in Dutch North Sea


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TenneT and RWE have entered agreements for the offshore OranjeWind wind farm’s grid connection, situated 53 kilometers off the Dutch coast. These include the Connection & Transmission Agreement (CTA) and Realisation Agreement (REA), outlining the connection’s establishment and the transmission of RWE’s wind-generated electricity on TenneT’s platform. These agreements not only address planning but also detail the electricity delivery methods, ensuring grid stability. The connection will link to the high-voltage substation in Wijk aan Zee and is scheduled to be operational by 2026.

Speaking about the development, Sven Utermöhlen, CEO RWE Offshore Wind, said, “I am pleased that we were able to sign the contracts so quickly, as these agreements guarantee the transport of the electricity generated by the OranjeWind wind farm. This is an important milestone in the project that brings us one step closer to realising our perfect match for system integration and supplying sustainable electricity to over one million households in the Netherlands. For this, good cooperation with TenneT is essential.”

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The new wind farm has a 800 MW capacity and employs cutting-edge innovations and investments to ensure a precise balance between energy supply and demand. These advancements encompass floating solar panels, a subsea lithium-ion battery, and a LiDAR system for enhanced power production forecasting. RWE is committed to onshore system integration, incorporating electrolysis capacity and e-boilers to align generation with consumption, while also developing intelligent electric vehicle charging solutions.

Despite its ambitious timeline, the project’s success and its ability to deliver renewable energy by 2027 greatly depend on crucial partnerships, including TenneT. Since 2016, TenneT has served as the offshore grid operator in the Netherlands, facilitating the transfer of offshore wind power to the onshore grid. These offshore locations in the North Sea are designated by the Dutch government for the sustainable generation of renewable energy.

“The connection of this wind farm marks another important step in the goals towards a sustainable energy system,” added Marco Kuijpers, Director Offshore Projects of TenneT. “Through the innovations in this project with offshore solar panels and batteries, we can jointly gain experience in building the energy system of the future. We look forward to a good cooperation with RWE and we are happy that together we can make a major contribution to the Dutch energy transition.”

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TenneT is actively developing seven standard offshore alternating current (AC) connections in the Netherlands, each with an average capacity of 700 MW. Starting in 2029, wind farms situated farther offshore will be equipped with a total of 2 GW in standard direct current (DC) connections.

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