EDF Renewables Commemorates 15 Years of Success at the Moulin de Froidure Wind Farm


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Celebrating its 15th anniversary, EDF Renewables marks the success of the Moulin de Froidure wind farm, commissioned in 2008. Comprising 6 wind turbines, it generated the equivalent of the annual low-carbon electricity consumption of over 10,000 inhabitants in 15 years.

Situated in the Somme department of the Hauts-de-France region, the park features six 2 MW wind turbines, meeting the annual consumption needs of 10,000 inhabitants, equivalent to 30% of the community of communes of Ponthieu-Marqueterre. Initiated in 2002, the project secured its building permit in 2004, underwent construction from 2006 to 2008, and has since produced around 330 GWh of low-carbon electricity.

EDF Renewables, dedicated to close collaboration with regions and local stakeholders, contemplates a renewal for the Moulin de Froidure wind farm. The proposed plan involves replacing the existing six turbines with five latest-generation models, ensuring consistent low-carbon electricity production.

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