Envision Lands 653.4MW Contract with JSW Energy


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Envision Energy secures JSW Energy’s order for a 653.4 MW wind park in Karnataka and Maharashtra, accelerating India’s net-zero goals by generating 2200 GWh of clean energy by 2024.

The Rs. 500 crore investment and 2000 job opportunities highlight India’s strategic importance for Envision, leveraging its proven expertise from global markets to bolster the nation’s wind energy landscape with advanced 3.3 MW WTGs.

As per the order, Envision will supply 198 units of EN 156-3.3 MW WTGs (Wind Turbine Generators). The project is set for phased commissioning by the end of the calendar year 2024, generating 2200 GWh of clean energy and significantly advancing India’s journey towards net-zero emissions goals. Constructed with a rotor diameter of 156 m, a hub height of 140 m, and a rated capacity of 3.3 MW, these Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) are ideally suited to excel in Indian wind conditions.

Speaking about the development, Mr. RPV Prasad, CEO, Envision Wind Power Technologies India said, “It is a really happy moment for us as we partner with JSW Energy to leverage India’s wind energy potential in Karnataka and Maharashtra. As part of our commitment to the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision, we would be assembling the nacelle and hubs for the wind turbines at our Pune factory, blades from our Trichy factory, and sourcing tower components from our manufacturers based out of Maharashtra. The booming Indian wind energy landscape would play a pivotal role in propelling the country towards net-zero.”

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Mr. Kane Xu, Global Vice President of Envision Energy and Chairman of Envision Energy India, noted, “It has become critical to collaborate for accelerating green energy transition to avert the climate crisis. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to solving the challenges for a sustainable future. Together, we can develop reliable renewable energy solutions in India.”

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