RWE Hires Fugro for Geophysical Survey of Denmark’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm, Thor

FugroDiscovery_20090531_0328 Photograph - Fugro owned, vessel, ship, Fugro Discovery, survey vessel, Barge, Boat, Vehicle, Water, Watercraft Fugro Discovery Thor Offshore Wind Farm 2023

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RWE has initiated a geophysical survey near Denmark’s west coast. Using up to three survey vessels, they will conduct a comprehensive pre-construction survey, including UXO detection, about 34 kilometers off Thorsminde. This data is crucial for defining cable routes and turbine placements for the Thor offshore wind farm. RWE has enlisted Fugro, a top global Geo-data specialist, who previously conducted a thorough geotechnical site investigation for Thor in 2022.

Thor, set to have a 1,000 MW capacity, will become Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm. It’s expected to be fully operational by 2027, generating ample green power for over a million Danish households.

The UXO campaign for RWE’s Thor offshore wind farm will continue until December 2023.

Marc Kebbel, Fugro’s Service Line Director of Hydrography and Cable Route Surveys, said, “We are using a wide range of survey techniques, comprising offshore and nearshore standard geophysical and UXO surveys techniques, a seismic land refraction survey, and last but not least, Fugro’s rapid airborne multibeam mapping system (RAMMS) for comprehensive mapping of the shallow area and beach in the transition zone.”

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“The metocean challenges posed by Thor’s exposed offshore location, such as high waves and strong wind in autumn and winter are adding to the complexity. Our ongoing collaboration with RWE reinforces our position as a trusted partner in the development of clean energy solutions”, he further added.

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