Decree Creates Conditions for Rapid Development of Offshore Wind in Brazil

Siemens Energy supplies control system for offshore wind farm

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The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) welcomes the publication of Decree No 10.946, which creates the regulatory and legal basis for the development of Brazil’s promising offshore wind sector.

“Brazil has virtually unlimited offshore wind resources and wind energy companies have already presented applications for licensing for 40GW of offshore wind projects in Brazil, representing a unique opportunity to meet growing power demand, develop green hydrogen projects and create vast amounts of investment and skilled jobs,” says GWEC CEO Ben Backwell.

“This decree provides the clarity and the certainty that the wind industry needs to move ahead and continue to develop large scale projects off the coast of Brazil, while the authorities prepare a full system for licensing areas, as well as competitive auctions and other mechanisms for offtake of power from offshore wind. We congratulate Mines and Energy Minister Bento Albuquerqe, the team at the Ministry and our partners at ABBEEOLICA on this vital achievement.”

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GWEC has been working closely with Brazilian wind energy association ABEEOLICA to help provide necessary input and experiences from international wind markets, in productive discussion with the Ministry of Mines and Energy and other key stakeholders. GWEC’s Ocean Energy Pathways programme is helping governments around the world to achieve a rapid adoption of offshore wind.

ABEEOLICA CEO Elbia Gannoum said “Wind Energy already has a long successful history in Brazil onshore, and now, with this decree, we start a new phase with offshore wind. I have no doubt that, in a some short years’ time, we will be celebrating our first GWs of wind energy in the Brazilian seas, and that Brazil, which has some of the best winds in the world for onshore, will be also known for the success of offshore wind – one of the most essential in the world’s struggle to limit dangerous climate change.

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