Rio Tinto Seeks Developers for Large-Scale Wind and Solar Power Establishments in Queensland


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Rio Tinto is seeking proposals to develop large-scale solar and wind power in Central Queensland and Southern Queensland in order to power its aluminium products, meet its climate change ambitions, and encourage further renewable development in the region.

This is done through a formal market request for proposals (RFP). It is designed to support multiple new wind and solar power projects. These can, in tandem with firming solutions start supplying power through the Queensland grid to Rio Tinto’s Gladstone assets by 2030.

Ivan Vella, Rio Tinto Aluminium Chief Executive, stated that “as Queensland’s largest energy consumer, we have an important part to play in driving competitive renewable energy sources for Gladstone assets and supporting State’s renewable energy goals.”

It is still early in the process but it is an important step towards achieving our Group climate change targets of halving our emissions by 2020 and net zero emissions by 2050.

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Rio Tinto is looking for proposals to meet its energy needs.

These assets need 1140MW of reliable electricity to function, which is equivalent to at least 4000MW quality solar or wind power with firming.

Rio Tinto’s October 2021 strengthening of its climate commitments includes a target of halving Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 (from an 2018 baseline) as well as the pursuit of renewable energy options for its Australian aluminum producers.

It follows the signing of a Statement of Cooperation with the Queensland Government, which aims to establish more renewable energy in Central Queensland.

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