Deutsche Windtechnik Gets Permission to Install ADLS at an Offshore Wind Farm

offshore wind farm

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Nordergrunde’s offshore wind farm is the world’s first to have an officially approved Aircraft Detection Light System(ADLS). Deutsche Windtechnik upgraded all turbines on the offshore wind farm using its transponder-based ADLS in May 2022. The operating permit has been issued by the relevant authorities. Nordergrunde’s light emissions have been reduced to a minimum at this offshore wind farm. Deutsche Windtechnik is a trusted partner for other operators who must retrofit offshore wind farms with ADLS before the end 2023.

Jens Landwehr (Managing Director, Deutsche Windtechnik’s offshore unit) stated, “The installation and commissioning of our ADLS at Nordergrunde offshore wind farm went smoothly. We installed two turbines with our ADLS, and they were put into testing operation in the months before. This gave us a lot of preparation and allowed us to quickly equip the remaining 16 turbines. Each day we completed two turbines.”

The offshore service teams, staff from Technical Controlling, Technical Support, Control Systems and Deutsche Windtechnik’s Technical Controlling, Tech Support, and Control Systems departments, performed all services related to these projects. This included supplying and installing the ADLS, as well as upgrading the warning lights, supporting approval procedures, and even supporting the whole range of offshore logistics. Jens Landwehr stated that our internal processes for installing ADLS at offshore wind farms have been proven to work in real-world scenarios. This makes us a leader in the global offshore market and allows us to retrofit ADLS at offshore wind farms.

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