MNRE Issues Draft Tender to Lease Sea Bed for 4000 MW of Offshore Wind Projects


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MNRE has directed to forward herewith a draft Tender Document along with contractuaiagreements for sea bed leasing for carrying out study/survey and subsequent dev-elopment of offshore wind projects under Open Access/Captive/Third Party Sale for stakeh olders’ consultation’. It is requested that the comments on the same may be provided to this ministry latest by 28.11.2022.

Selection of offshore wind power developers (OWPD) for leasing of sea-bed areas equivalent to 4000 MW of offshore wind power projects off the coast of Tamil Nadu, India through International Competitive Bidding.

Grid Connectivity and Long-Term Open Access / Access to grid under general network access (GNA) framework to grid shall be in the scope of the offshore wind power developer (OWPD).

The energy generated from offshore wind power projects to be consumed in captive mode or sold to third party under open access framework or sold through merchant sale/power exchange.

Non-refundable cost of RfS is INR 5,90,000 (Indian Rupees Five Lakh and Ninety Thousand only) including GST (18%) to be submitted through NEFT/ RTGS transfer in the account of NIWE along with the response to RfS.

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EMD Amount is INR 10.0 million Or INR 100,00,000 (Indian Rupees one Crore ) per Project to be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee along with the response to RfS

View the Request for Selection (RfS) document here:

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