Global Wind and Renewables Councils Urge Ambitious Action Towards a Net Zero World by 2050


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As the G20 Clean Energy Meeting in India came to an end, Global Wind Energy Council released a statement.

CEO of the GWEC, Ben Backwell said, “The outcome of the G20 Clean Energy Ministerial today gets us no closer to a net zero world by 2050. Despite the efforts of host country India to support greater ambition on renewable energy deployment in this decade, the final statement is a watered down affirmation of “business as usual”.

“Without calling for more robust policies and targets that can rapidly scale up the deployment of wind and solar energy and other renewables, the call for efforts to triple “zero and low emission” technologies rings hollow. Annual wind power installations around the world need to be hiked up by 3-4 times by 2030 to keep 1.5C alive. Unfortunately this critical point has been missed by today’s ministerial outcome. As we approach COP28 in Dubai later this year, we must ensure policymakers are clear-eyed about the climate emergency, and commit to a concrete ambition to triple global renewable installations by 2030.”

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GWEC is a member of the Global Renewables Alliance (GRA), a group that represents the voice of the renewable energy industry. The GRA is also advocating for using renewable energy, and they released the following statement.

Bruce Douglas, CEO of the GRA, commented, “The outcome of the G20 energy transitions ministerial meeting in Goa is a missed opportunity. If simply acknowledging the transformative potential of renewable energy could solve the challenge of climate change, then we would have already solved the climate crisis several times over. Realising the huge benefits of renewable energy requires real ambition and urgent action.

“World leaders must set out ambitions that will drive investor confidence and inspire countries, communities and renewable industries to work together to deliver rapid implementation. A global target of tripling total renewable energy capacity to at least 11 TW by 2030 would send the right market signals.

“The G20 is being held against a backdrop of record temperatures around the world that we are all now feeling the negative effects of. We cannot turn a blind eye to these increased risks and costs. The world needs ambitions now, actions now, renewables now.”

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