RWE Approves 35 MW Large-Scale Battery Storage Project in the Netherlands

Grafik Batteriespeicher Eemshaven

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RWE is expanding its global battery storage business, announcing an investment in a Dutch project with 35 MW power capacity and 41 MWh storage. This Euro 24 Million project aims to integrate the “OranjeWind” offshore wind farm’s variable power generation into the Dutch energy system by utilizing innovative demand assets like battery storage. In 2022, RWE secured the offshore project, focusing on system integration, green hydrogen generation, and sustainable solutions.

RWE will install 110 lithium-ion battery racks, covering about 3,000 square meters at its Eemshaven biomass plant

Roger Miesen, CEO of RWE Generation and Country Chair for the Netherlands, said, “With the increasing share of renewable energies in the electricity mix, the demand for flexible battery storage is also rising. With this large-scale project, RWE is gaining experience in the marketing of energy storage systems on the Dutch energy markets and is actively contributing towards stabilising the Dutch electricity grid.”

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The upcoming battery storage facility can sustain its 35 MW capacity for over an hour, equivalent to charging around 800 EVs. It’s engineered for seamless cross-technology coupling with RWE’s Netherlands power plants. This enables efficient balancing energy management, with selected units providing it individually or collectively. The system absorbs surplus grid power and redistributes it as needed to maintain the grid’s required frequency.

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