American Clean Power-California Unveils Offshore Wind Leaseholders Council

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California’s inaugural offshore wind leaseholders have been united under one banner. The American Clean Power Association (ACP) has introduced the California Council of Offshore Wind Leaseholders (CCOWL), a subsidiary council under ACP-California (ACP-CA). CCOWL’s primary mission is to nurture the growing California floating offshore wind sector and propel the state’s initial projects forward. CCOWL unites the offshore wind developers, leading the charge in developing floating offshore wind technology and its associated infrastructure. Their collaborative efforts extend to working with local communities and state policymakers. The council includes prominent members, including Invenergy, RWE, Equinor, Golden State Wind, and Vineyard Offshore.

“Offshore wind’s untapped potential on the West Coast could be the key to achieving California’s ambitious climate and reliability goals while supporting regional jobs and community opportunities,” said Molly Croll, Pacific Offshore Wind Director, American Clean Power Association. “We welcome the expertise and dedication of CCOWL members to strengthen our collective mission of meeting California’s emissions-free future.”

“Offshore wind developments have the potential to provide reliable power to 25 million homes throughout the state,” added Alex Jackson, Director of ACP-CA. “We are grateful for the commitment of the founding members of CCOWL to jumpstart the state’s offshore wind industry, tapping one the state’s largest sources of 100 percent clean power and creating tens of thousands of high-wage jobs for Californians.”

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“Offshore wind will be a key resource in meeting California’s nation-leading renewable energy targets, while providing energy security and stimulating economic activity across the state,” commented Martin Goff, Equinor Project Director for California. “We look forward to leveraging our expertise and operating experience with floating offshore wind and collaborating as an industry through this leaseholder group to develop this burgeoning new industry safely and efficiently along the
West Coast.”

“Golden State Wind, looks forward to bringing clean and renewable power to the Central Coast – and all of California – using the floating offshore wind technology pioneered by our parent company Ocean Winds” noted Tyler Studds, CEO of Golden State Wind. “We are proud to work with our fellow leaseholders to move forward with the speed, care and local engagement that will be needed to craft a new robust, equitable and sustainable industry that will lift up local communities and economies while helping to meet the climate challenge.”

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“California is taking meaningful steps toward securing clean and reliable offshore wind power,” observed Christian Scorzoni, VP and Head of External Affairs. “Floating offshore wind is the future of sustainable energy generation and Vineyard Offshore, partnered with CIP, brings extensive experience in this technology. We look forward to working with the local community and collaborating with fellow leaseholders to nurture this industry’s growth and provide Californians with skilled career opportunities.”

“Invenergy is excited to be one of the five foundational offshore wind leaseholders in California and looks forward to working with the fellow leaseholders and ACP to advance necessary policies to establish a durable floating offshore wind industry in the state”, commented Erin Lieberman, Executive Vice President, Environmental Compliance and Strategy, Invenergy. “The collaboration of this group will be instrumental to realizing the benefits that floating offshore wind represents for all Californians.”

“California is well positioned to be a global leader on floating wind and leverage this new technology to meet its aggressive net-zero goals — but we need to come together as an industry through this newly created Council to educate the public and advocate for the compelling benefits of offshore wind for Californians,” concluded Rob Mastria, RWE Project Director for California. “Positive change doesn’t happen on its own but only through our collective commitment and hard work.”

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