AES Corporation Buys Vestas’s Delta Wind Project in USA


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Vestas sold the 183 MW Delta Wind Project to The AES Corporation. This project was developed by Steelhead Americas (Vestas’ North American development arm) and is a significant milestone in Vestas’ efforts to expand its footprint in renewable energy development in America and to unlock new markets in America to help propel a sustainable future.

The state’s first wind farm, the Delta project in Mississippi, USA, was completed in 2007. It is Vestas’ contribution to opening new markets in the US. The project will have the highest tip heights of any North American wind farm. This will allow Mississippi to access stronger winds at higher altitudes, and thus make it a potential market for Wind Energy. Steelhead Americas, which benefited from Vestas’ industry knowledge, developed the project and led all development efforts, including permitting, land acquisition, and construction design, to provide the customer with a project ready for construction.

“We are thrilled to have developed the first wind project for Mississippi, and we look forward to more wind energy coming to the region,” stated Chris Rogers (Vestas North America Vice President of Development). “We are proud to take projects from conception to completion as a full-suite developer of renewables. We have expanded our industry expertise by adding development to our technology and operations portfolios.”

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The Vestas project Delta further strengthens its project development capabilities. It also establishes our new business unit, which is advancing sustainable energy deployment. Vestas is a development company that aims to facilitate the future growth of North American renewable energy assets. There are currently over 3GW of projects in the pipeline. Steelhead Americas supported Vestas through co-development and development efforts to secure more than 3,350 MW of North American turbine orders. This support was made possible by its 2016 formation.

Vestas is continuing to promote clean energy transition by developing new renewable energy assets. It also brings meaningful benefits to local communities through economic development and job creation. The project will generate multiple long-term jobs and pay more than $60 million in taxes over its lifetime.

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