Global Wind Day: Celebrating Wind Power’s Contributions and India’s Growing Capacity


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Global Wind Day, now in its 16th year, was initiated in 2007 and later evolved into a global event through collaboration between the European Wind Energy Association and Global Wind Energy Council. Since 2009, June 15 has been celebrated as Global Wind Day by all member countries of the United Nations. The day acknowledges the power of the wind and raises awareness about its potential as a sustainable resource.

Global Wind Day is an annual event celebrated on June 15th to raise awareness about the importance of wind energy in combating climate change and promoting sustainable development. It serves as a platform to recognize the significant contributions of wind power to the global energy mix and to encourage further advancements in the field.

Renewable energy sources play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Among these sources, wind energy stands out as one of the most promising and rapidly growing solutions. Wind farms operate in more than 80 countries worldwide, generating energy from a clean and renewable source.

Onshore wind has now become the cheapest form of new power generation, and offshore wind is not far behind, with costs having fallen over 60% in the past three years. Wind turbines have continued to improve in terms of size, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Wind energy has emerged as one of the most competitive energy sources in markets across the world, playing a key role in building the clean energy system necessary to limit global warming to 1.5°C. The growth of both onshore and offshore wind power also brings additional benefits such as local investments, job creation, and energy savings.

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Global Wind Energy Day provides an opportunity to educate the people about the benefits of wind energy. Events and activities are organized worldwide to engage communities, policymakers, industry professionals, and the general public in discussions and initiatives focused on wind power. These activities include seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, site visits to wind farms, and educational campaigns.

As of May 30, 2023, India’s cumulative installed wind capacity stands at 43,198.98 MW. The Indian government recently granted a 25-year ISTS (Inter-State Transmission Charges) waiver to offshore wind energy projects. According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Power, offshore wind power projects commissioned on or before December 31, 2032, will enjoy a complete waiver of ISTS charges for 25 years from the date of commissioning. Projects commissioned after January 1, 2033, will be subject to graded ISTS charges. Previously, all wind energy projects were granted waivers until June 30, 2025. However, offshore wind projects will now be treated separately, with a waiver granted until December 31, 2032, followed by graded transmission charges thereafter.

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According to a new analysis from Wood Mackenzie, global wind turbine order intake hit a new record in the first quarter, with 23.5 GW of activity, representing a 27 percent increase year-over-year. The total value of global orders reached an estimated $15.2 billion.

On the occasion of Global Wind Day, Renom Energy Services Pvt. Ltd, the preferred Independent Service and Technology Provider, extends warmest wishes to everyone celebrating this important event. “As we celebrate Global Wind Day, we recognize the boundless power of wind energy to shape a sustainable future. At RENOM, we are proud to be part of the renewable energy revolution, harnessing the winds of change to drive clean, reliable, and affordable power generation. With each gust of wind, we take a step closer to a greener planet, powering communities and industries while preserving our environment for future generations. On this special day, let us unite in our commitment to embrace wind energy and accelerate the transition to a renewable future,” said Ranjit Wadhokar, Director of RENOM Energy Pvt. Ltd.

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Overall, wind energy in has witnessed significant growth and holds immense potential for further expansion. It has played a crucial role in diversifying India’s energy mix, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and fostering sustainable development. With continued government support, technological advancements, and investment, wind power is expected to play a pivotal role in India’s clean energy transition.

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